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Written by Oumarou Sanda

(This is a guest post from Ana Pascoa)

No matter how creative or passionate you are about blogging, sometimes it will be challenging for you to come up with blogging content. What do you do in such cases?

Seek Inspiration. Inspiration is a necessity and an integral component of blogging. When looking for inspiration, be diverse to try different methods and avoid limiting yourself to the ones you know. You can obtain the much-needed inspiration through numerous ways. These methods work differently for different people.

In this article, I have outlined the eight most popular and successful ways for you to find inspiration for your blog topics. They will help you create content that will keep your audience engaged. Monotony to a particular way does not always inspire one. If you come across a new way described below, try it.

1. Give Yourself a Break

You may find yourself glued to your desk and staring at an empty word document on display. This represses your creativity and inspiration. You will eventually become distracted, tired and sleepy. To overcome this, you are required to engage in enjoyable activities.

You can take a break to live and experience different things in nature. Walk into a natural setting and appreciate the beauty surrounding you. Relax and be aware of all the plants and physical features. Water bodies, sunrise and sunset scenes work best for me. Your alertness levels increase. You will become more creative as inspiration flows through you.

During the break, you can engage in physical exercises such as running. I do this regularly as it always works for me when I need the best topics to blog. Such exercises increase blood flow in your body, and much of it passes through the brain. This interaction with nature and fresh air stimulates the brain and consequently leaves you inspired.

2. Review Your Readers Feedback

Your customers possess valuable and sufficient information for your inspiration. Get this information from your regular or occasional clients. When it is appropriate, let them answer a customized list questions that will give you priceless information regarding your next blog topic. Figure out the best ways for you to obtain information from happy and satisfied customers. Problem-stricken customers tend to be other invaluable sources.

You can get extra customer feedback through surveys and website content forms. Ensure that you provide your clients with these shapes and hold surveys when possible. Once you have the feedback, review it keenly for your additional knowledge on customer needs. With this knowledge, it will be easier for you to figure out ideal blogging topics, as you understand your customers better.

3. Attend Events and Review Forums

There are numerous events, seminars, and conferences available for you to participate in any time. Some of the events are free, online or offline. Explore Meetups to determine planned events within your region. Event participants often discuss topics that revolve around human problems, related questions and their solutions. During such an event, listen carefully, reflect and converse with other members. Take note of anything of particular interest to you and then act on it later on.

You can also participate in online forums to access endless blog topics and ideas. Several informative comments almost sufficient for your entire blog post usually accompany the right topic. Use your imagination and creativity to come up with an ideal title and then fix the serious grammatical and spelling errors present in the comments. Bookmark and pay regular visits to the best forums within your niche.

4. Consult With Other Bloggers

Proper working relationships among bloggers are indispensable and especially within your niche. Cooperate with other bloggers. Subscribe to other popular, influential blogs and share blog posts from your fellow bloggers. This will enable you to know the main discussion topics among your competitors.

Other experts within the industry will reveal their opinions concerning the topic discussed. You will get sufficient information for writing your blog and keep you at the forefront in this industry. Invite a guest blogger and let them keep your audience entertained. Take your time, and new blog topics will come your way.

You can comment on, support or criticize a favorite post from a fellow blogger. Present your view in a customized written post and share it with your readers. The blogosphere contains plenty of good posts, but they have not been exhausted. Always find a way to twist all the good reads you come across. Good arguments and controversies are good starting points for you.

5. Always Keep Reading and Learning

To keep yourself motivated and inspired, ensure that you gain necessary knowledge on a regular basis. As a blogger, there are plenty of resources at your disposal waiting for you. They include magazines, TV, movies, books and other blogs. Whenever you are reading, always ask yourself if the subject matter is of any particular interest to your audience. If not, try to find a unique way of rewriting on the topic to make it relevant and exciting for your readers.

Going through a list of best-selling books and ebooks will give you blogging ideas since plenty of people are reading them. To get you started, browse through Amazon Best Selling Section to obtain a list of such books and electronic resources. You can also look at “Most Wished For” and “Movers And Shakers” for the same purpose.

6. Document Ideas

Spend time reviewing and listing down the main blogging topics on your site. Record any relevant titles, ideas and thoughts you come across. List down all the relevant comments made by visitors, critics, and friends in your journal.

Categorize this information into between five or ten main topics. Generate a list of about four subtopics. Update your editorial calendar and assign each subtopic a day for writing it. This way, you will remain focused and not susceptible to experiencing a lack of inspiration.

7. Expound On a Popular Blog Post

Some popular topics within your blog leave readers elicited and somehow in need of more information. Identify such a topic and explain it in your future posts. Take a different perspective and rewrite the topic in a new timely and relevant article.

Add all the necessary information to this new post. Do not panic. Repost and share the article with your readers. This will provide your audience with fresh, updated and useful information they seek.

8. Tap Into the Power of Social Media

You can obtain an idea on trending topics if you utilize various social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Get to know and understand the main themes that your friends and followers discuss. Probably, you will come across a trending topic within your niche, and if creative enough, you can create blog content revolving around this topic differently. Some popular resources to search for relevant topics include


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