Income Report

Income Report: How I Made $88 In My First Month

Income Report
Written by Oumarou Sanda

Last July 4, I started this blog by buying a domain name and hosting plan. I knew that the niche I’ve chosen is veryIncome report competitive but I’ve never hesitated to jump on it. I love competition.

My main goals with this blog are: learning English (yeah, I am from a French speaking country. So, you’ll surely find my writing skills limited), meeting lovely people and… of course, making money.

Now, Wpbloney has one month old and I am very excited to share with you what made my first month in this incredible blogging life.

What I did In This First Month


This first month was essentially dedicated to designing the blog. I wanted to have my own, unique, and stunning design.  To achieve this goal, I picked Divi Theme, the most advanced WordPress Theme. As a beginner, it wasn’t easy but I did my best to give Wpbloney this look that already makes me happy.

I struggled too in SEO. In this first month, my goal was to get my blog indexed by search engines. Now it’s done, the next step will be dedicated to rank Wpbloney.

I also wrote five outstanding posts that were visited, shared, and commented by hundreds of people. You can check them here.

I joined Pluralsight to improve my skills in Webdesign and SEO. They have a large courses catalog that may certainly interest you. Best of all, there is a free plan. Try it out.

What I learned


In this sole month of July, I learned more in English than I never thought it’s possible. Because of that, I decided to never use again Google Translate while writing my posts. I know it’s a great decision but I’m determined to master the Shakespear’s language.

Blogging is a hard working job. I understood that if I wanna be this successful blogger that I’m dreaming about, I have to work harder. Finding inspiration, writing posts, promoting them, nothing is easy. But with passion, even the impossible becomes possible

Everything is possible. My one month experience in blogging allowed me to understand that even the wildest dream can be realized. It just takes time and effort to afford it. As proof, 42% of my audience comes from the USA while my own country comes at third position with just 7.81%.

Income Report

What I earned.


First of all, I got a lot of knowledge. Principally in English, I learned in one month more than what I did years in school. So, I am thankful to all of my visitors and social media friends.

I met and made many friends on social medias, especially on Facebook groups. They come from around the World and are so friendly and helpful.

Now I am a member of an incredible and awesome community of bloggers. I am very very proud of my decision of starting a blog.

With my only five posts, I got 16k+ page views. Visitors are coming essentially from Facebook
I just got 7 email subscribers but I think it’s because I began using Bloom from Elegant Themes in the first three weeks. It’s after that, I decided to try Sumo and it’s surprisingly worth it.

Income Report

Income Breakdown


I made my first Affiliate income on ShareASale. This platform that is home to hundreds of Affiliate marketing programs, is the place to start for all newcomer in Affiliate marketing.

It’s the VerticalResponse Affiliate program that enabled me to make my first $85. VerticalResponse is a newcomer in the email marketing services and pays $5 per lead. This means that, If someone creates a free plan account through your link, you’ll make $5.  I made $2 with IfOnly, another Pay Per Lead Affiliate program and $1 with ShareASale itself.

I highly recommend the VerticalResponse Affiliate program to all of you because it’s an easy way to make free money. Because it worked for me. There is no reason why it does not do so for you.

In ShareASale, I recommend using Payoneer for your payment. Payoneer is a serious alternative to Paypal and they give you $25 and a one year Mastercard card for free just for joining.

This Month Goals


In August, I want to double at least what I did in July. Create more content in order to request a Google Adsense account in September, bring more traffic and shares will be my priority this month.

I want to learn how to bring traffic from Pinterest. I was told that Pinterest is the first traffic source for almost all successful bloggers. If you have a course to suggest to me, please do it in comments.

This is the summary of my first month in blogging. I am waiting for your opinion, suggestion, and critic. Please tell me what you think in comments

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Blogger, Web Designer, Affiliate Marketer and Online Entrepreneur, I am a Wordpress fanatic. I Created this blog to learn English, share my experiences, and meet awesome people.


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