Top 10 Facebook Traffic Generating Groups to get free blog traffic

Facebook traffic generating groups
Written by Oumarou Sanda

In the blogging business, the most difficult task is not creating contents. It’s without a shadow of any doubt, bringing traffic. Even successful bloggers spend more time in promoting their blog than in creating contents. And of course, Facebook traffic generating groups are among the places where they get traffic.

When it comes to generating traffic to a brand new blog or an aged, social medias are the place to go. And the most popular in these social medias is the best place for beginners to get free traffic to their blog.
Everybody knows that there are hundred of groups on Facebook for generating traffic but must of them did not know exactly which groups really do the job.

So, to help you boost your traffic effortlessly, I selected these top 10 Facebook traffic generating groups to help you increase your blog’s traffic.

1. Traffic Booster

Facebook traffic generating groups

This Facebook traffic building group led by Alexander Todorov has less than 2k members but it is my favorite. It clearly shows that the number of members in a group is not what matters the most. The group description is very precise about it objective.

“This group is for everyone who wants to drive more traffic to their website and make more money at the same time”. Traffic booster group has a plenty of daily Clicks through, comments, share threads. Almost all members do reciprocate to every action done on their blogs.

2. Traffic Building Community

Facebook traffic generating groups

“This group is all about learning and sharing ways to drive free traffic to your website, blog or online store. So feel free to ask questions, contribute, add value and help others.” It is by these words that Rebecca Clements describes the traffic building community group.

It is full of amazing members that help each other to drive traffic to their blog and grow their business. There is also a lot of daily thread that allows you to share your latest post and social medias.

3. Blogging Network

Facebook traffic generating groups

Blogging Network is 20k members. This Facebook traffic generating group is ” A platform for cosmopolitan, for interested and curious people who like to communicate and share topics, opinions, and trends in a stylish and open-minded manner.”

4. Boost Your Blog

Facebook traffic generating groups

Boost your Blog is a perfect group for all bloggers to grow their blogs and to support other bloggers. They offer daily threads in Blog Visit, Blog Comment, Click – Through, Facebook likes, FB Increase your Reach, Google plus and many other social medias.


5. Travel Bloggers

Facebook traffic generating groups

Travel Bloggers is a community of about 35k members. It is a place to be for travel niche bloggers. It allows you to discover new destinations, learn travel tips and most of all, it’s one of the best Facebook traffic generating groups. I am not yet in travel niche but I am getting free traffic every day from this group

6. Bloggers United

Facebook traffic generating groups

Bloggers United is “A great place to unite and talk about our blogs, advertise them, cross promote and most of all share tips and make blogger connections!” This is a community of 18k+ members trying to help one another to drive traffic to both their blogs and social medias.

7. The Blogging Squad

Facebook traffic generating groups

The Blogging Squad is an online community of 13k+ bloggers. In this Facebook group, you can share your latest blog/social media posts in daily threads. You can also post threads if you need any help, looking for collaboration.

8. Boost Your Blog

Facebook traffic generating groups

Boost Your Blog is a private community designed to help bloggers engage and promote one another’s work through shared interest and opportunity! It is a place to ask questions, connect with others, and grow your blog.

9. Blogging 101

Facebook traffic generating groups

Blogging 101 is a hangout place for bloggers of all abilities. It is a place to share traffic building methods, income streams, blogging resources, ask questions and to have fun!

10. Internet Marketing Gym

Facebook traffic generating groups

IMG is a Facebook group that is a full blogging service provider. Here, you can learn valuable things about Internet & Email Marketing, epic content creation, traffic generation. All my questions got responses in this group. I placed it at the end just because it provides a single traffic generation thread per week. But it is a highly recommended group to join on Facebook.

So, guys, it is these Facebook traffic generating groups that allowed me to drive 4k+ and get 16k+ pageviews last month with this brand new blog. Don’t hesitate to join them if and only if you agree to reciprocate to all action made on your blog or social medias.

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Do you know more/other Facebook traffic generating groups? Share them with us in comments. Thanks in advance.

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