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5 Best WordPress Themes for Photography 2017

theme for photography
Written by Oumarou Sanda

It is easy to host and manage a site on WordPress, that’s why a million site is now running on it. On the web, you will get many free and premium WordPress theme for photography, travel tech and much more.

There are some online platforms like MyThemeshop, Themeforest, Theme-junkie, Studiopress, etc. those who offer a wide range of collection of themes in every genre.

As you are here for Photography theme then choose a theme that can provide positive impact to your visitors and also shows justice to your photography. For photography theme you need to choose an attractive, SEO friendly and responsive template. Before choosing a theme look after its topography, layout and design as these are the main thing depends on which you can attract many visitors. Below in this post I am going to share best WordPress theme for Photography 2017.

5 Best WordPress theme for photography


theme for photography

It is a creative and multipurpose wordpress theme that suits best for a photography site. It is loaded with many sliders, layout, fonts and color that make it a flexible and popular wordpress theme. You can easily edit it design and give it a look as per your choice. It is a perfect wordpress theme that includes both professional and business logics to its design. Oshine theme comes with SEO friendliness and responsive feature which are the basic needs that you need to check before going to buy a wordpress theme.


theme for photography

It is another best theme for photography that is equipped with high graphics, visualization, and design. Its loading speed is fast that includes fully responsive and advanced SEO optimized feature. Like Oshine this theme is also a multipurpose and multifunctional site that fits best for business sites and especially for a photography site. It is developed with latest HTML and CSS that makes it a very fast loading theme. Its interface is quite friendly that allows your visitors to navigate smoothly and freely. This theme is also a perfect choice to display high definition photos as this theme is enabled with a charming visual approach.



theme for photography

Kalium is also a popular WordPress theme for Photography that running world top photography site. Its expressive and modern topography and layout make it a multipurpose theme. Its interface is simple and you can easily change its color and layout as per your choice. Photographer loves visualization and Kalium offers every type of visual approach to make your photos more attractive and stunning. Developers made the layout of this theme very classy with grid, masonry, and iterations. It is a perfect theme for all types of online photography business that can show your creativity broadly to the world.

#4.Photo me

theme for photography

With many free essential plugins and with perfect design and layout Photo me may be one of your choices. It offers its users full customization option that can help you to present your photograph beautifully. It loaded with different colors and fonts that can gear up your site look and feel that ultimately attract visitors on your site. Visitors can smoothly navigate throughout your site for its friendly and SEO optimized interface.


theme for photography

Pinhole theme is another great choice those who are looking for a wordpress theme for Photography. The layout, photo gallery, frame, and design are creatively developed that will help you to run a beautiful photography site easily. Its interface is friendly and responsive that fits on all screens and its SEO friendly feature helps you to rank your site and to deliver a better experience to your users.

For whatever you are looking for a theme choose which are SEO friendly and responsive. WordPress theme for photography that I have listed above is all premiums that come with beautiful photo gallery, layout, and visualization. Choose from the above and make your site widely popular.

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